Best Ways to Pack for Moving House

About 90% of the people don’t get the lucky chance to stay at the same place forever. Whenever people move from one place to another either from one street to another or one country to another, they all end up in saying ‘no’ to move again. But then with time, they again have to move because of one reason or another. But, you all don’t lose hope! We are here to bring you with the best ways to pack for moving house. Now, don’t panic, while you are being surrounded by packing tape and cardboard boxes and bring ease in your life even when you are moving from one place to another even after six months. Here are tips to learn the best ways to pack for moving house.

Pack for Moving House

Choose a Mover
Depending on your budget, your home size, the distance you want to move, and the time you have with you to get settle at the new place, you can choose accordingly, either by renting the truck and moving yourself or you can hire the best movers in your city with in your budget. There are certain things that you should take care of while choosing either of these two options. For example : if you are moving on your own, then you should be aware of other hidden costs like insurance for the rented truck, petrol and purchasing of other necessary equipments like quilted covers for furniture etc.

And also if you are hiring the movers, then you should be aware of the contract thoroughly and be sure that the movers are the most trusted company in the city.

Getting Started
Now, next time is to get started with packing your items. In your house, you have to decide about the items that are important and will move with you and what are certain unnecessary things that will stay behind. For example, there are certain things that are not worth moving or those things can be dumped for a while if your move is temporary. After deciding upon things, collect the firm, decent shaped boxes which are not bent, damped or torn and made up of strong cardboard with an edge crust having test rating of minimum 32 pounds per inch and have got printed on each box. Also make sure that you collect or purchase different sizes of boxes so that you can accommodate different sizes of items while you are moving. You can also go for the option of purchasing kits for moving online as well.

Start packing your stuff starting with nonessential like sports equipment, winter clothes if you are moving in summers, and heavy quilts.

Be Organized at Every Stage
After packing each box, make habit of labeling it. And label the box from the top as well as from the sides and write all the contents on it and also if there are any special instructions like “fragile” or “open from behind” then it should be also written. This will also help movers to take care of the boxes while moving and warn them of the easily broken items.

Take Care of Safety of Your Boxes
If your boxes are properly labeled, then it will be great help to the movers in handling your contents. You can also use stickers of different colors to make the boxes more explicit. Also you can use towels, clothes, pillows or linens to protect your fragile items. The only thing is that you have to mark this on your cardboard box. As this may help you while unpacking as sometimes you may also forget that you have wrapped fragile item like crystal vase inside the towel and thus this may lead to the loss of your precious item. Also, try to wrap furniture that is scratch able in protective padding.

These tips will definitely help you with packing and moving and after trying this, you will definitely give same words to someone else in need.

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