Checklist for moving house for the first time

We understand that moving house is a bit difficult task and can be stressful. While moving house you need to take care of a lot of things. First and foremost thing while house moving is to be proactive. The easiness and feasibility all depends on your proactive behavior. If you are enough proactive that you take care of all required things in advance then the path of moving house flows like water. To get the moving house work done easy, you need to prepare a checklist. Preparing checklists is the best way to get the things done in a well organized way. Preparing checklists is also a difficult task to do. You need to be expert in it of what is required for moving house and what is not. But if you are moving your house for the first time, then it is hard for you to prepare checklist for house moving. We have done your work easier. We have put together a complete moving checklist, designed by keeping in mind that it will help you with the moving process. We have categorized the checklist in accordance with the type of household goods.

checklist for moving house

One week before moving out you should be organizing all important documents and make sure that they are stored somewhere at a safe place but accessible. Your packing should almost get finished by this time, so that you will be ready to move on the moving day. But while packing make sure that your have left all the items out which are necessary for the survival for running days.

Following is the check list you need to make:

  • Put all important documents in a plain, hard box to keep all the documents safe viz., passports, house deeds, wills, educational documents, insurance papers, jewellery, cash, and others.
  • Pack up all the household goods. While packing, make sure that you don’t forget any kind of goods kept in the house. Packing should be done in an effective manner, so that any damage to goods doesn’t occurs during transportation. You can save much space by packing it in an effective way like boxes should be packed in a way that the heaviest things are at the bottom, pack all light weight boxes in big boxes, heavy items in small boxes, carefully label all the boxes.
  • While packing put a reference onto the box (in accordance to the room). You can also use the colors to label it.
  • Defrost the fridge and the freezer. Make it sue that fridge and freezer are completely dry before moving.
  • Give away plants and flowers that you are not going to take with you.
  • Pack up all the clothes which you don’t need for running days into a box and label it appropriately.
  • Make all the arrangements for your move to new house. Before moving, make sure that your have enough cash assets in the bank with you in case of any emergency.
  • Send out change of address cards to your friends and relatives.
  • Just before a day of move, have a look at your house to ensure that there is nothing left there which is not packed yet.
  • Pack a separate night bag for the family which would be having toothbrush, pyjamas, wash bag and towels.
  • Take a mini-toolkit with you including knife for opening of boxes on arrival.
  • Make it sure that your mobile phone is fully charged.
  • On the day of moving, record all utility meter readings viz., electricity, water, and gas.
  • Pack your bedding and curtains.
  • Take the boxes and items which you would like to take with you in your car.
  • One person should stay there until all the packing gets finished. Make sure that your have accounted everything.
  • Leave all the sets of keys for new owner.
  • Check all the windows are closed and make it sure that all electronic items are switched off.
  • Switch off all the utilities.
  • Keep the contact details of the conveyancer with you and also give your contact details to him.

After you have moved in check the follow the following checklist and make sure it is being done:

  • Do have a quick clean in rooms, make your beds ready there so that you can fall straight into them at night.
  • Plug in all necessary electronic items like fridge, freezer, mobile phones, telephones etc.
  • If possible, try to keep the pets away until you have finished with settling adjustments.
  • Take away or order something for your food and relax. After having a quiet hard day, it is necessary to take rest.
  • Leave all other unpacking for next day.

This is a checklist we have made which will make your house move an easy and well organized task.

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