Tips To Ensure Your Health and Safety during Moving

Moving is stressful. Moving is painful. Moving is RISKY! No wonder a lot of people prefer professionals to undertake the task. In case, you have decided to move your goods in the near future, here are some tips to help you observe safety:

Safety during Moving

Pack Right
Don’t make the boxes too heavy. Overfilling should be avoided. Secure them with tapes and necessary adhesives to avoid spills. Also keep fragile items safe to avoid injuries.

The pathway to truck / transport vehicle should be clean, smooth, well lit and free of any hurdles. This is important for both old and new homes. A clean pathway will ensure safe move (no accidents).

Back Health
Stretching and exercising a little is important. This will help you prepare your body and minimize the chances of accidents and back trauma.

Dress Appropriately
When you dress well (according to the move), it feels comfortable and you perform well. So wear light loose clothes and comfortable closed shoes (no heels and sandals). Shoes provide a good grip and support for your ankles. It also ensures safety. Remember that clothes should help you move freely.

Lift it Right
When lifting heavier objects / boxes, do it with extra care. Bending to lift a box can be extremely dangerous especially if you don’t take care. So while lifting a box or a heavy item, you need to push your waist back a little. Also bend your knees. This helps transferring weight to your legs saving your back! Lifting heavy items with legs should be strictly avoided. It makes pressure fall on waist leading to painful condition. So put the weight via lifting on arms and legs. Keep the waist away. In case, you feel tension / stress on your waist, stop immediately! This indicates you’re doing it wrong.

Trust Dollies
Dollies can be very helpful when moving furniture (all sizes, types and kinds). These are professionally used to stack boxes on. You must use straps to secure the required weight on the dolly. Also wear gloves to pad your fingers, protect them and ensure a better grip. These also provide protection against splinters. Another best thing to rely on is furniture sliders available professionally. It is very helpful while relocating.

Emergency Kit Handy
You just can’t do without an emergency kit handy during a move. The risks of a move are many and getting hurt is the last thing you would want. Staying prepared is the best way to handle these risks. Keep a box of painkillers, band aids, and ointments handy. Also save numbers where you can contact in the event of an emergency. Write these on papers too (numbers of friends, doctor, relatives etc.). And lastly, hope you don’t need them!

Help Kids, Pets, and Seniors
Moving and the hassles / stress it involves is not good for kids, pets and the seniors at your home. So it is better to keep them away from your move as far as possible. You may shift them to a secure comfortable place a day or two. Another fix is to find someone to take care of them. Small kids and seniors are risks for injury. Pets tend to get hurt by accident.

Movers are the Best Choice
Hiring movers help a lot. This is especially true if you own large, heavy objects, furniture, fragile items, electronics, and valuables. Almost all of these items may put your health to greater levels of risk. Relying on pros makes things easier. You have good number of appliances and furniture to be dismantled and disconnected prior to the move and re-organize post move. Experts know how to do this and will help you in this respect. Your health matters the most. A free quote online will help you reach out to the best professionals.

Moving is not risk free. The task involves a lot of pushing pulling and lifting of heavy, delicate items which is hazardous to the homeowner. Any negligence or act of ignorance may lead to accidents and serious physical injuries. Following the above listed tips will ensure your safety at all levels while moving.

Last but not the least, moving is best undertaken by experienced experts. Hire the reputed and famous guys to help you move safe, happy, and in a timely manner.

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