Packing tips and checklist for moving across country

Now as you have decided of stepping into a new life, get yourself regulated for shifting. You must have already checked out the list of things that you will need while a move. But when you are moving and that too out of the country a checklist made in an instance won’t apply. You need to plan your moves in different phases so that you won’t leave a single thing behind and become overburden at the day of leaving. Here are some checklists and a list of strategies that will help you in ensuring that you have a smooth changeover in your new dream home. Through this checklist you will be able to able to concentrate on some specific things that are of most importance.

Checklist for moving house

Moving house can be stressful but in order to get the moves smoothly you can organize yourself with some tips.

Things to be done 7 weeks before

  • You can get quotes for your valuable item’s insurance coverage from the removal firms or organizations in case if you meet with any damage or loss.
  • Clear out the garbage material or the unused material by throwing them of or by taking them to the charity shop nearby your area.
  • Use the food items that are perishable are the one that are in tins or frozen foods.

Things done at around 6 weeks

  • You should keep your notice of quitting ready with you as you get your confirmed date of relocating.
  • Contact utility companies and get the services from them in order to move your items and advise them about your moving date.
  • Order new things like curtains, carpet, and furnishings that will be required by you in your new home.
  • If you have pet with you, arrange for somebody who will take care of your pets after you or otherwise if are planning to take them with you arrange all the documents required to migrate pets from one country to another.

Things done when one month is left

  • Look for the TV, mobile and internet services and companies that will arrange for you the services before you shift to new place. Also get knowledge of the availability of these services in your area where you are going to shift.
  • Start packing the items like clothing, ornaments, and so on and make sure that you won’t use them before you migrate. Start labelling them accordingly and mark them with the rooms that they will belong to.

Things done when 15 days are left

  • Let your bank know about your move.
  • Send notice out for the change of your address to nearby people and also to the other organizations and companies with whom you are concerned. You can also send cards addressing about your change of address.
  • Your removal firms should also be informed about your move as they will complete all the required formalities with you before you shift. These type of transactions may take a week or so and hence should be done in time.

Things to be done when a week is left

  • This is the time when you should relax as until now you had finalized many of the things.
  • Settle all your local bills like newspaper bill, milkman, domestic cleaners, etc.
  • All your remaining packing can be done in these days as you are in relaxed mood and most of your work is brought in track.
  • Contact insurance companies and make notify about your move.
  • Check whether you have all the keys with you that will be required at the time of shifting .

Final day to move

  • Be prepared to move without stress in your mind.
  • Clean up all the mess that you have created before leaving.
  • Greet every man that had helped you in all the procedures.
  • Turn off the electricity at the mains.
  • Properly lock all the doors and windows.
  • Give keys their proper destination before leaving. Don’t forget and get them along with you.

Finally at your dream home!

  • Ensure that all the items like furniture and packed boxes are brought safely and let the movers put them in their respective rooms.
  • Check phone, TV and other utilities by turning them on.
  • Experience and step in to your new walk of life!

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