Simple Ideas to move heavy furniture by yourself

Packing for a day or two day vacation is a bit tough, but packing for a move from one destination to another is horrendous. Because while packing you may come across anonymous issues like risk of health, safety of furniture, glass and other delicate articles. So properly knowing what to do and how to get prepared for moving heavy furniture by yourself to other location is obligatory, if you want to have this job done harmlessly.

There’s actually no way around that, but it can be a lot more bearable and a lot less annoying if you look at these handful of moving house tips for an easier and more efficient move. Check it out!

moving heavy furniture

Keep heavy furniture size wise

Start up by executing a proper plan. Roam throughout your house to know which pieces of furniture you need to move may create problem. With the help of a measuring tape or any stick, take note of your doorways measurement and your furniture’s dimensions.

Once you are prepared with all the dimensions, do proper analysis and figure out the best way for moving heavy furniture.

Empty the contents

Empty all the contents of the drawers, shelves, wardrobes and other furniture in your bedroom, kitchen, drawing room, etc. so that it will be easy for you to pack and carry the heavy furniture out of the house. Remove books from shelves, take clothes out of drawers and otherwise pare down the object you’re moving to its attenuate form. Or otherwise make sure that they are not going to open while carrying. You may even simply stick the openings up with some tape which would be a good idea.

Remove the other parts that are attached to one another if it is rather easy to disassemble them. It may help you in making the things lighter to carry.

Get Helping Hands

Ask your friends or other relatives to help you out because seeking anybody‚Äôs help is essential as well. It is enough to gather three or four muscular hands to accomplish the task. Ask someone to tell and spot you, when you’re about to take a chunk out of a wall, to have turns at required places, or when to step down the stairs.

If you have invited your friends, make sure that they have leather gloves and wear belts on their wastes to protect themselves during the lifts. The gloves are better to protect hands from sharp edges. These belts will also support the backs while lifting any heavy item.

Also with team work you can accomplish the undertakings sooner. Distribute set of work amongst yourself.

Carry heavy furniture carefully

Instead of moving heavy furniture by lifting them up, just slide them around. It will help you in saving your efforts and energy. Pushing yourself to lift heavy items is a risk for your health, as if not hold properly may damage your back bones or any other injury may take place.

Still, if you have to lift any item, try to put the weight on your arms, legs or shoulders, and spare your back. Try to keep your back straight as much as possible because, bending your back while lifting may lead into severe back pain.

Make use of a dolly or furniture sliders for shifting heavy items like refrigerators, bed, furniture blankets, etc. This will help in keeping your furniture as well as wall safe.

Renting a truck

Once you are done with all the above preparations, you will need a medium through which you can move your furniture and other items. Maybe you prefer to have a moving company for helping you out, but according to my experience you can even go faster without one.

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while renting a truck:

  • Figure out approximately how far you’ll be driving and how much you pay per mile. Study the charges of all truck rental companies. If you’re not going too far, you may save some money by going with a cheaper rental rate that charges for every mile you drive. But if your destination is far away from your previous one, you may find that included miles and a pricier rental rate will actually save you money. Also, if you need to move to other city, look for the truck services that has rental locations for both the cities. This may help you in picking up the truck in one city and dropping it to another. This will put your unnecessary efforts aside of driving back just to drop off the truck.
  • Additionally with the cost of rental you also ave to consider the cost of the truck if in case you find yourself in an accident. Make sure how much insurance will cost you and what it will actually cover.
  • Check the online status and availability of truck services available. Shop online and browse all the dealing sites. Keep your eyes peeled because this may help you in saving your pocket.

Labeling and managing your items

There are many ways in which you can keep track of your items. Best Idea is to label your items informatively using a black marker or with any other informative note written with bold marker.

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