Things to Do On Your First Day into Your New Home

Most of us have to change our residence, some need to change very often and a few are fortunate enough not to go through the ordeal frequently. Relocating from one place to another is quite a traumatising process. Still, we can make the process less stressful by following a method and plan.

You need to take care of a few things on the very day of your move into the first house to make your stay easier there. This list of fourteen will help you to organise your first day and make rest of work hassle free.

New Home

1.Get the lock of your front door changed. This move will give you a sense of security as you will restrict the number of persons who can enter your house. In the chaotic process of moving, unloading and unpacking, you may tend to forget or lose the keys so make sure that every adult member has a set of keys. You may even safe keep a set with your friend, just in case of emergency.

2.Take care of your small children, if you have. It is always better to leave them with the relatives or friends, who will take proper care of them. Sometimes, we are not that fortunate and we have to take them along with us. Pack for them separately; their food, water, drinks, diaper, comforters, toys, crayons, etc. to keep them full, comfortable and engaged. Arrange a babysitter, if you need so.

3.Call the utility companies like gas, electricity, cable, telephone, internet, etc. to start their services. You need to call them immediately, or even before the move, if the house was vacant for some time. Or, it is new and you are the first owner. You need to make a maintenance call to get the service started.

4.You can use all your knowledge to make your new house free from pests. Call in the pest control service, if the need be and get the entire house uncontaminated now when the house is empty. It will make your life easier for the rest of your stay as you will be free from your unwanted friends like rats, mice, cockroach, termite, etc.

5.Deep clean the house before your truck comes in. Clean all the rooms now when there is no furniture. Clean all the closets and countertops till the furthest corner and change the paper or cover before you place your clothes, utensils or other articles.

6.Steam clean the carpets and rugs which will give you a fresh feeling before you start living in your dream house. You may even hire the professional cleaning services to save your time, though they are a bit costly.

7.Clean your window panes now as you don’t have to clear them off the curtains and then get them ready for the night using drapes, curtains or simply cover those windows using sheets; you would not like to face the curiosity of strangers.

8.Know the power points, circuit breaker and switches so that you can handle the emergency situations, just in case. Also check all the plug points and repair if anything is not working fine.

9.In a similar fashion, know the water valves and the main valve for emergency or in case you need to leave the place unattended for a few days. At the same time, check for the plumbing leaks. Mostly they will be staring at the face and you would fix them immediately. But, even if you don’t find any such thing still check the hidden leaks, which are not easy to spot. The simplest way is to run the water meter with all taps and faucets closed for a fixed duration. The difference in reading will give you the clear idea.

10.After the truck has reached your new home, unload and make sure that everything has arrived at with the dispatch note you have.

11.Unpack the electronics and get them running. Run the dishwasher and washing machine without any load to clean them.

12.Unpack your bigger furniture like the full-size bed or dresser with the help of the labours when they are still there as these items are heavy and the set up is difficult. And get the bed ready immediately as when you will find some time to sleep you will not have the energy to make a bed.

13.Check that the fragile and valuables have reached properly without any damage. You need to make sure now and in the presence of the relocation partner in case you have to make an insurance claim. It is better to have photographs as proof.

14.Last but not the least, meet your neighbors. They are potential friends and source of all information about the new locality like the handyman, babysitter, grocer and the like.
These tips will make your first day in your new house easy and free from stress.

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