Top 10 Tips to Make Your Shifting Super Easy

Moving isn’t easy. The task encompasses a lot of hassles. Some of the concerns include safety of goods and timely shifting of goods. Hence, right from planning the shifting ahead of time and hiring experienced packers and movers, it is crucial to make dedicated efforts to ensuring easy shifting. Listed below are some tips to help you with easy and hassle free move:


1.Strategy is the Key

Once the date for final moving is decided, it is time to strategize the packing. Here, you simply need to do two things – make two packs of stuff. One will contain things that you would like to take along with you and other will comprise of things that you wish to abandon. The second bag should either be sold off or donated in charity. There is no point in taking all of the unwanted stuff to a new place. This will only block spaces and create negative energy. The unwanted things should be disposed off immediately. This will help you organize the things to tag along to the new destination.

2.Sort Things

Now that you have disposed off all of the unwanted items from your place, it is time to sort those that will move on with you. Here, you need to reorganize items according to the degree of fragility, level of importance, urgency, difficult to load, and precious ornaments, documents, and valuables. This will help you pack things accordingly.

3.The Valuables

Make a list of all the valuables and important documents (jewellery, finance details, insurance papers, gems etc.) and pack them all. You simply need to keep it aside and take it with you in your personal vehicle while moving. This is the safest way to move valuables.

4.Keep Overnight Bag Ready

This is an emergency and essential bag comprising of things that you need immediately after moving. So keep bed spread, night dresses, towel, pair of bathroom slippers, snacks, tea / coffee, torch, mobile phone chargers, soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Make sure you keep these stuffs in a clear bag.

The Breakables
Now it is time to pack breakables. You need to wrap breakables such as glasses, dishes, statues, decorative pieces, etc. on bubble wrap. This will keep them from breaking.
Prepare a special carton for clothes. Make tow to three separate cartons comprising of bed sheets, socks, undergarments, party wear clothes, daily wear clothes, and others. Keep labelling these boxes.
Electronics need to be packed carefully. These may get damaged. You need special packing cartons and thermacol sheets to keep the items safe.
The Heavy Weight Items
This is the most difficult to pack of all items. You need special packing equipment, papers, pads for edges, and strings. Also it is important to hire special vehicle and experienced professionals to load and unload the items.

5. Prepare a List

Prepare a list of items that is to be moved. You need to keep checking the list as you pack the items. This is extremely important to make sure nothing is left out.

6. Colored Labels

Each packed box and carton should be attached with a specific colored paper of your choice. Label these according to the items present inside it.

7. Transport

The transport chosen for moving your belongings should be of professional grade. Loading and unloading items is not an easy task. Hence, this should be undertaken with immense care and vigilance.

8. Unpacking

This is where most people go wrong. They unpack items haphazardly and go on doing it until the entire house is filled. The idea is to pre-plan the organization of belongings. Know what to keep where and shift the cartons accordingly. Once this is accomplished, you need to unpack the carton in the preferred room and start arranging them. After finishing off with one room, move on to the other. Here, the rooms should be arranged according to the order of preference. For instance, you should start doing the kitchen first and move on to the bedroom, then kids room, bathroom, living room, and so on.

9. Professional Help

The best way to make your shifting easy is via looking for professional help. Hiring professional movers and packers will help because the experts working for the company will take care of everything. Right from pre-packing assessment to preparing a list of requisite items, getting high quality packing material, categorizing items into different groups, packing with care, arranging for transport, loading items, packing, unpacking, and rearranging everything, each aspect of shifting will be taken care of. Since they are trained, licensed, and experienced in their job, the professionals also guarantee 100 per cent safety of the belongings.

10. Choose with Care

Choosing the most reputed movers and packers holding many years of experience in the industry is important. This will help you ensure 100% safety of all your belongings and speedy move.

Follow the above tips and enjoy the moving process and relax!

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