Unpacking tips after moving in a new house

When you arrive into a new house, first thing to do is not relaxingly look out of window or just enjoy roaming in the new locality but unfortunately, the first thing to do is unloading and then unpacking a big truck of goods. People are different. Some like to pack but hate unpacking, others feel the opposite. But expert agree on the fact that unpacking is a more complex job if done without proper planning.

Unpacking Tips

Here are few tips which will ease down your unpacking

1. It all starts before your actual move to the new house. While packing, you should always keep unpacking in mind. So, place the boxes in an order in which you would like to unload them. Label every box, mark clearly which box belongs to which room and have an inventory list in your hand which clearly reads which box has what stuff.

2. First of all, unpack the essentials. Essentials box generally contain candles, matches, knife, scissors, instant coffee maker, toaster, toilet paper, soaps, snacks, beverages, shampoo, hand wash, face wash and many other things which you need in first place. This box should be tactfully placed in the last corner of truck or it should travel with you in the car. When all the essentials are in same place, you don’t need to dig out every box for a petty thing of need.

3. When you reach the new house, you have labors and team of your mover with you. So, utilize this moment to fullest. Do all the heavy work; settle down the heavy furniture and appliances into their respective places. Even though, you haven’t made a correct map of your new house’s look, you haven’t decided which furniture will be fitted in which room; still you can make a rough idea and move on. Don’t let all the heavy furniture stay in the backyard all the night. It will increase your work manifold for the next day.

4. Now, grab the box labeled kitchen.Kitchen needs to be established before everything else. It has gas cylinder, hose, regulator, knives, glass jars and many other things which can be a major safety hazard if you don’t deal in an appropriate manner. So, you should be quite careful while unpacking for kitchen. Initially set up your kitchen in a rough manner; don’t go into placing everything to cupboards. That should happen over next 1-2 days as you will get familiar with requirements of new home.

5. After this, you should put your beds together. It should be a pretty easy job if you have all the linens in place. But important thing to keep in mind here is selecting the right room for the right bed. Very commonly, people put the bed in any room in hurry. But within a week, they change their mind and then again do the hard work of shifting the bed. So, the room should be decided at once and only there the bed be shifted.

6. Meanwhile you can hang all the pictures and decorations on the walls. They will give you a familiar and warm feeling in this new house.

7. Now, time comes for the drawing room. Drawing room should be the best looking part of your house; so, If you want to make this room look better than before, then don’t run in hurry. You can take some time to re-plan the furniture adjustments, curtains etc.
In this way, you have settled major portion of the stuff. Smaller things will take some time in finding the right cupboard but that is inevitable. In unpacking, more systematic you go, easier the work becomes.

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