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Moving Insurance Pune

Insurance is defined as a specific contractual arrangement in the form of a policy by a company or the state by which it undertakes to provide a guarantee or compensation for a specified loss, damage, illness or death in return for payment of a specified premium. Insurance is designed to make security affordable.

Insurance protects you adversities of loss, damage and theft during the transit while you are relocating. This ensures your goods against unfortunate incidents like accidents, burglary, robbery, theft or accidental losses during the transit. In the world where the uncertainties are so high why take a risk. There are multiple insurance providers who claim to give you the best deal for the transit of your goods, but, the reality is that there are many hidden clauses in the policies that spring up only during emergencies. It is always wise to choose the insurance policy keeping in mind the distance covered during the transit, the type and cost of the goods involved and the state policy involved. At times, choosing the right option from such a vast list can become demanding. As perfect relocation partners, Assure packers and movers assist you in choosing the right insurance policy from the right insurance service provider after a thorough discussion with you. Once we have a clear idea of your requirements our team does a thorough risk assessment of the entire relocation process. After that we list out the best options available keeping in mind your requisites, our risk assessment and the brand reputation. Further, we reassess the analysis with a third party and only after that we recommend them to you so that you make a very informed choice about insurance because internationally insurance done with a third party insurer.

Generally, getting an insurance policy is a simple process and does not need a lot of resources. But you need to give a few declarations and some documents while applying for the insurance policy. We help you in the documentation phase as well. We organise all the data to be submitted and frame the declarations, all you need to do is sign the content. But, it is always advisable to read all the policy related documents even though it sounds cliched. But we assure you that we recommend only cent percent genuine companies to you and that you will find our choices optimal for the relocation process.

Moreover, we are directly empanelled with several major insurance companies, so you will have no issues in getting all your goods insured. While choosing your insurance policy you can also opt for partial insurance for a particular good that is extremely valuable and you need security for. The procedure for application is similar and you have options to get insured for the purchased price or the replacement with the choice being theirs. This is better than an overall cover plan for all goods.

We ensure that you are ensured against natural adversities like rains that can damage your chattel even though we ensure that the logistical support that we provide is adequate enough to prevent damage due to rains, but in case of accidental water seepage you are protected financially and the compensation provided is proportional to the magnitude of the damage. We also insure you against floods as well.

Thus Assure Packers and Movers provides the solution for all your insurance needs to make your relocation a secure and stress free process.