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We at Assure Packers and Movers take pride in our exemplary packing services.

We understand the stress that you undergo when you have to make a shift from one house to another. This change may also mean the change in office, sometimes only locality but sometimes may include the change of region or even nation. This shift of house or office brings a prototype swing in every part of your living and you have to compromise with many facets of life. We stand by you and take care of the entire relocation services. The relationship manager will visit your house, scrutinize your possessions and with your valued opinion will close a deal with complete package depending upon your requirement and budget. You will also fix the schedule of packing and loading with him.

We have different packages depending upon your requirement of packing. We can further customize them to suite your needs as we know that the things in every office and residence are different and so are the packing requisites.

When you want us to take up the packing job completely, we take care of the entire process completely. We will choose the date or dates according to your convenience. Then on the scheduled day and time our expert packers will arrive at your door step with the necessary packing materials. In this package we will bring all the materials needed. For example we will bring large cardboard boxes for your bigger possessions. Cardboard sheets both thick and thin will be brought to pack your larger furniture. We will also bring cheaper packing materials likes newspaper as well.

We will also bring bubble wrap and other sophisticated substances to swathe you delicate articles like glass, china, painting, photos and antiques. We will place them in cartons after packing them appropriately in a safe and secure mode. Then we will label them suitably to avoid mismanagement and damage while loading and unloading.

In this package we will pack and label everything of your house, large and small. We will also arrange them for loading the bigger and larger things first and smaller and cartons carrying delicate objects separately and safely.

We have other options and packages as well.

You may choose partial packing service. The relationship manager visits your house and assesses your possessions. You may decide to let us pack only a part of your chattels say for example only the large items or only the delicates and fragile. You choose the day, date and time and we will be there at your service. We will bring the packing material that is required and pack the materials already decided.

But if you want you may arrange the packing material for your satisfaction. Our experts will pack all the materials that have requested to be packed but will leave the rest alone.

Furthermore you may choose to organize the packing material but want us to do the packing. Our expert packing services have that provision as well. In this service you will have to organize all the required material after a meeting with our relationship manager who will guide you about the quality and quantity of material considered necessary. We will come at the predetermined day and time and pack the entire chattel to your satisfaction.

Assure packers and Movers have the best packing services that can be customized according to your demand. We guarantee you a complete satisfaction of an efficient service.