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Warehousing Services Pune

Relocating your office or your house from one location to another location is a tedious process because it is procedure based upon stringent timelines and there are multiple uncertainties at every stage of the relocation. Whether you are planning to relocate your office or your residence, you need to plan it meticulously for the relocation to happen smoothly. But, there are times when everything does not go according to your plan. One of the major issues that jeopardize the entire relocation procedure is when the place where you are planning to move into is not ready to be moved into. A similar sticky situation is when the planning and the survey of the new location is not done appropriately and you are not able to fit in your passions and you need to place those belongings somewhere before you can decide about what you can do about them. Our warehouses can be of great help if you need to relocate temporarily. You can keep your belongings safe in our warehouses until you return.

Assure packers and movers have the facility of warehouse services available at very reasonable prices wherein you can place your chattel; both small and large under our supervision till you can decide what to do about them, either move those things to your location or sell them at a good price.

Our warehouses are state of the art storage facilities. They are spread over large areas in all major cities across India and abroad. Our warehouses have special storage facilities for storing antiques and paintings. You can keep these valuables under our supervision by accessing our warehouse services. You can also store your vehicles; your bikes and your cars in our warehouses. We follow international security protocols and all our guards are extensively trained and well armed. All our warehouses are under closed circuit TV surveillance round the clock throughout the year. We have high end alarm systems installed in all our storage facilities that are linked to the law enforcement authorities directly in order to ensure prompt response in case of emergency. Hence you can be rest assured that your belongings are safe with Assure packers and movers. Some of our warehouses are equipped enough to house yachts and boats. That is the magnitude of the specialized infrastructure that we can provide.

We also have cold storage facilities if you want to have any such specific storage requirements. All our warehouses are chemically treated to keep away reptiles, rodents and insects. We also chemically treat our facilities to keep termites away and your precious wooden furniture safe. We also make sure that our warehouses are appropriately disinfected and free from pathogens like bacteria and fungi and are free from algae and mosses.

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective and we make sure that we recruit our staff after stringent screening and scrutiny and on the basis of the core values of transparency and integrity and then we ensure that our staffs are adequately trained to handle your valuables and minimize the risk of damage.Further, we employ professionals with rich experience in unloading, maintaining and then loading of goods and valuables in order to ensure perfect service. In order to make our warehouse service less expensive we have introduced several packages. If you can anticipate a requirement of our warehouse services we can customize a package in order to make it more affordable.Hence the warehouse services of Assure Packers and Movers is your friend who safeguards your belongings and delivers them back to you with care.